2024.6 lands with the ability for OpenAI (ChatGPT) and Google Gemini to control your devices. Rohan and Phil break down the 2024.6 release, and discuss a potential subscription for Alexa.

New Features

  • LLM Conversations can now control your home
    If you’re using a large language model AI, like ChatGPT with your Home Assistant Assist agent, they can now be enabled to control your home.

    This is now available for OpenAI and Google AI
  • Assist now has media player intents
    Similar to how the Amazon Echo can target devices in the same room, Assist can now control media players which are assigned to the same area. Pause, play, resume and setting the volumes are now much more natural to say.
  • Sections now get Conditional Display
    If you’re using the new section dashboards, there is now a visibility option.

    For example, you may want to only display a section on mobile, when you’re at home, and when the kitchen lights are on.
  • Dashboard Backgrounds
    There is now the ability to set an background image for your dashboard.

    Previously, this was only possible by editting YAML, but now you can do it directly from the UI. Even better, you can just directly upload an image from your computer!
  • Collapsible sections for Blueprints
    Blueprint authors can now collapse groups of settings, allowing less common options that need to be changed by end-users hidden, making the UI cleaner.
  • Group Actions
    A feature submitted by our friend Frenck, there is now the ability to group multiple actions together.

    Grouping actions in a sequence can be useful when you want to be able to collapse related groups in the user interface for organizational purposes.
  • Matter
    Matter now gets support for the Fan platform, which will be used used by Air Purifiers and Room Airconditioners.
  • Disable expiring login tokens
    If a login token wasn’t used for 90 days, it would expire and automatically be cleaned up.

    Some users have expressed that they would like to disable this feature, so we added a new option to the user profile settings to disable the expiration of login tokens.
  • Tags are now entities
    Tags allow you to scan QR codes or NFC tags to trigger automations. Previously these were not entities in Home Assistant, so you couldn’t see when they were last scanned etc.

    Tags are now normal entities, and can be used in automations, scripts, templates, and even been shown on your dashboard!
  • Teslemetry gets more entities
    If you have a Tesla and a subscription to Teslemetry, there are now a whole bunch more entities available to you.
  • Reolink gets more sensors
    Including battery and PIR sensors
  • SwitchBot
    Now has support for SwitchBot Meter, MeterPlus and Outdoor Meter

New Integrations

  • The Things Network
    Now in a working state, and allows you to integrate devices from LoRa.
  • Airgradient
    Provides air quality data from your local Airgradient device using local polling.
  • APSystems
    Monitor your APsystems EZ1 microinverters.
  • Azure Data Explorer
    Forward events from Home Assistant to the Azure Data Explorer for analysis.
    Hydrological data from Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute providing information about rivers and water reservoirs in Poland.
  • Intelligent Storage Acceleration
    Intelligent Storage Acceleration Library (ISAL) is used for accelerating our Home Assistant frontend. It is automatically enabled/activated.
  • Monzo
    Connect your Monzo (UK based bank) account to Home Assistant, and get insights into your account balance.

Backward-incompatible Changes

  • File Integration
    The notify services for the file integration now require that the file path is an allowed path. You should check the accessed file is in the allowlist_external_dirs to ensure your automation’s keep working.
  • MQTT Locks
    MQTT Lock now supports the lock open and opening state. When a lock is used in optimistic mode. The the lock’s state will become open instead of unlocked when an MQTT Lock is opened.
  • MQTT
    The behavior on processing empty and “None” state payloads for MQTT entities has been made more predictable for alarm_control_panel, climate, cover, device_tracker, lock, select, valve and water_heater items:
  • OpenWeatherMap
  • Z-Wave
01:04 LLM AI Support for Home Assistant
09:52 Assust Room Awareness
10:58 Section Layout Control
13:28 Blueprint Collapsible Sections
14:23 Grouping Actions
17:04 Matter Matters
18:24 Disabling Expired Login Tokens in 20246
21:16 Tag Entities
23:14 Teslemetry
26:56 New Integrations
33:25 Azure Data Explorer
37:42 Backward-incompatible Changes
48:05 A subscription price for Alexa

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