The State of the Open Home live stream had some big announcements for Home Assistant and its future. Frenck fills in for Rohan to go behind the scenes and break down the announcements, and the latest Home Assistant release

New Features

  • Strict Connections

    A new security feature ensuring that accessing your home assistant instance remotely is even more secure.

    When enabled, Home Assistant will only accept clients that have already been authenticated. This means that unauthenticated connections will be denied without the possibility of logging in directly. To log in to a new device, you need to be either on the local network or use a temporary link generated by someone with administrator access.

    Comes in two modes: Guard page and Drop connection.

    Available for Cloud Subscribers, and self-hosted users.

    For self-hosted users requires YAML config.
  • Datatables
    Groups can now be collapsed

    Multiselect and Assign to area

    You can now group entities by their domain in the entities panel.

    You can now filter by entity domain in the entities panel.

    Select and assign an area to multiple items at once in the automation, scene, script, and device pages.
  • Create helper from the automation/script editor
    No need to navigate from the automation editor to create a new helper
  • Locks now supported for tile card!
  • New Debug mode for integrations
    Can help detecct thread safety issues which might make Home Assistant unstable.

    Previously these might have crashed Home Assistant. Now Home Assistant will raise an issue with stack traces, so you can raise an issue to get addressed.
  • MQTT is now a platinum integration
    CloudMQTT shuts down
  • Sending/receiving voice assistant audio via ESPHome native API
    There were some issues with the UDP server dropping some audio
  • Allowing custom display name for energy devices

  • ZHA Visualisation enhancements
    Better graphs

New Integrations

  • Ambient Weather Network (Cloud)
  • Arve
    Air quality sensor
  • Energenie Power Sockets
    USB connected power sockets?!
  • Epic Games Store
    Calendar entries to monitor free games and discounts
  • eQ-3 Bluetooth Smart Thermostats
    Control them over Bluetooth
  • Sanix
    Monitor water/sewage levels

Breaking Changes

  • Recorder
    Previously, recorder.purge_entities called with no arguments would purge all entities. This PR makes this call raise an error instead.
  • Relative Time in Templates
    The relative_time() template function has been replaced with two new functions: time_since() and time_until()

    relative_time() as a template function is a confusing name, since it implies that the difference in time will be either from a time in the past, or in the future.

    Currently relative_time() supports only time differences from the past. This can be replaced with time_since(), and time differences for a time in the future can use the time_until() template function.
  • Epson Workforce
    Bye bye – package not supported
01:10 State of the Open Home
03:47 New Owner of Home Assistant
05:40 Home Assistant Foundation
10:56 How many homes use Home Assistant
13:35 Home Assistant Hardware Updates
17:18 Cloud New Features
18:04 Home Assistant Longterm New Features
22:53 20245 New Features
50:20 20245 New Integrations
54:45 Backwards Incompatible Changes

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