2024.7, Year of the voice chapter 7, and an amazing ESPHome update are just some of the goodies released Rohan and Phil break down.

New Features

  • Resizing Cards on the Dashboard
    When using the sections layout, it is not possible to resize entities from the UI.
  • Data Tables
    There is now an ability to customise the columns that are shown in the data tables of Home Assistant. You can also change the order of the columns by dragging them around.

    These settings are saved in your browser.
  • Blueprint Control
    You can now take full control over the automations created from a blueprint. By taking control, Home Assistant will fully convert the blueprint automation into a regular, stand-alone, automation, allowing you to make any tweak you want, without having to fully re-invent the wheel.
  • Linking Template Entities
    If you have a template entity, it would be handy to be able to use the related entities feature to see the devices that are related to that entity.

    Well now you can, for your template entities created by the UI.
  • Changing Radius of Home Zone
    Another one of those “wait, it didn’t already do that?”

    You can now change the radius of your Home Zone from within the UI. Previously this was defaulted to 100 meters, and could only be changed in YAML.
  • The Matter integration now provides the number of entities that allow you to configure the behaviour of your Matter lights
  • The AndroidTV integration now supports remote entities, allowing you to remotely control your Android TV
  • Added support for integrating the camera from the tablet running Fully Kiosk Browser. Furthermore, there’s now an image entity for taking screenshots, the ability to send notifications and text-to-speech messages to the tablet, and the media player can now play videos!
  • UniFi Protect now has support for animal detection sensors!
  • Reolink gets support for manual recording, software updates and playback of the auto track lens
  • The Bang & Olufsen integration now supports announcements and support for Tidal has been added too! 
  • Added the event entity to the Nanoleaf integration, allowing you to trigger automations you touch your Nanoleaf panels. 
  • Switchbot Pro now supported!
  • ESPHome, pyLoad and Teslemtry get Platinum level quality status
    Platinum level Best of the best. The integration is completely async, meaning it’s super fast and gives you an excellent user experience.

New Integrations

  • Aquacell
    Monitor your AquaCell water-softner from Home Assistant
  • ista EcoTrend
    The ista EcoTrend integration allows you to import your monthly heating, hot water, and water consumption and costs from the ista EcoTrend service.
  • Mealie
    Mealie is a self-hosted recipe manager and meal planner, this integration will pull in your meal plan as calendars in Home Assistant.
  • Knocki
    Knocki is a smart device that turns any surface into a remote control, which you can now use in Home Assistant to trigger automations.

Backward-incompatible Changes

  • The legacy_api_password feature which was deprecated in 2023.12 is now removed
  • Open Weather Map
    The now obsolete forecast sensors have been removed. They have been fully replaced by weather.get_forecasts service.
  • Shelly
    The switch entity for controlling a Shelly Gas Valve Add-on has been removed, and a valve entity has taken its place. If you use the switch entity in your automations or scripts, you must update them to use the new valve entity.
  • Weather
    Weather service get_forecast was deprecated in favor of get_forecasts in Home Assistant 2023.12, and has now been removed.

    Use the new get_forecasts service to retrieve forecast information from weather entities instead.
  • Z-wave
    Server bump required

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