2024.4 lands with a much requested feature - an ability to organise our automations, scripts and devices. Rohan and Phil break down the 2024.4 release and the

New Features

  • Organising Home Assistant
    There are now three new ways to organise all your automations, entities etc with Home Assistant.
  • New Interface for Tables
    Tables have had a serious overhaul with this release. Each table has a search bar, allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for.

    Tables now have the possibility to group rows, by for example, their entity state, and can be filtered!
  • Map and Webpage Dashboards
    The Map panel has been replaced with a new Dashboard type – “map”. It will now be possible to have multiple Map type dashboards with different settings.

    Similarly a webpage dashboard has been introduced which will supersede the iframe_panel dashboard.
  • Choose the number of columns for the Section Layout
    There is now the ability for you to define the number of columns in the section view is using.
  • Related Items
    The information shown in the related items of the entity dialogs, but also related information on device pages (like automations, scenes, scripts, etc.) has been improved. It should now provide you with more relevant information.
  • Repairs
    There are brand new template functions available to list all the issues in your repairs dashboard
  • Matter Devices

New Integrations

  • Fyta
    Monitor your plants with Fyta, a smart plant sensor that measures light, temperature, humidity, and soil moisture
  • MotionBlinds BLE
    Control your Bluetooth Low Energy Motionblinds motorized window coverings
  • Ollama
    Ollama a fully local AI conversation platform that can be used to create custom voice assistants.

Breaking Changes

  • Python Version Bump
    Python 3.11 support has previously been deprecated and has now been removed. Home Assistant now requires Python 3.12 to run.
  • Ecobee
    The non-functional away preset mode has been replaced with the correct away_indefinitely preset mode.

    If any automation or script was depending on the away preset mode, it needs to be updated.
  • AEMET OpenData, Environment Canada, National Weather Service, Met Éireann
    These integrations previously created two entities for each configured location, one entity which provided daily weather forecasts and one entity which provided hourly forecasts.

    These integtations now only create a single entity which provides both daily and hourly weather forecasts.

Links Discussed

00:47 State of the Open Home
02:06 Voice Assistant Community Awards
10:03 20244
28:37 Maps and Webpage Dashboards
31:01 Section Layout
32:37 Related Items
33:27 Repairs and Spook
36:04 Matter Controllers
38:07 Opening Doors
42:10 New Integrations
44:07 Breaking Changes
46:07 Shoutouts

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