2024.3 lands with exciting updates, with some features which are sure to please everyone. Phil shares a tip for owners with robot vacuums with mopping capabilities

New Features

  • New Section Layout type
  • User inputs for Scripts

    When running a script from a dashboard, the UI will now prompt the user for input fields the script has defined.

    This is great if you’ve got scripts setup for things like playing TTS announcements everywhere, or want to quickly add things to a shopping/todo list.

    Some great Blueprints have been added to support this new feature.
  • New Energy Graph
    A new graph has been added to the energy dashboard. You can now see energy by devices through time!
  • New sentences for Assist
    There are now new intent sentences for Assist.
  • Home Assistant remote UI can be disabled
  • Template Translation Helper

    If you’re using templates in notifications or announcements, there is a new helper which will translate binary_sensor on/off values to their applicable open/closed detected/clear values.
  • Tessie / Tesla
    If you own a Tesla and have it connected to Home Assistant via Tessie, there’s some new goodies in this release:
  • Toggle Service for Climate Devices
    Like the light and switch domains, which can call a toggle service to change a turned on device to off, the climate domain now exposes a toggle service.

    If your AC is in Cool mode, calling climate.toggle will now turn that climate device off. Hitting climate.toggle again, will turn the AC back to cool.

New Integrations

  • Aprilaire
    Previously a custom HACS component, now officially in Home Assistant core by its developer.

    Allows you to control compatible Aprilaire thermostats.
  • Husqvarna Automower
    Control the robot lawn mower from Home Assistant.
  • MicroBees
    Control microBees devices such as wall switches and plugs.
  • Webmin
    Webmin is a web based interface for system administration of Unix like servers. This integration exposes sensors for CPU and memory usage of your servers.
  • WeatherFlow Forecast (Cloud)
    The WeatherFlow Cloud integration provides access to cloud provided Weather Forecast of a user’s Tempest Weather Stations. In order to access the station you will need to configure the integration with an API Key.

Breaking Changes

  • Z-wave
    For Z-Wave climate entities, the behaviour of the climate.turn_on service has changed.

    Previously, the service would act in the following order depending on whether the corresponding conditions were met:
  • Met.no
    Themet.nointegration previously created two entities for each configured location, one entity which provided daily weather forecasts and one entity which provided hourly forecasts.

    Themet.nointegration now only creates a single entity which provides both daily and hourly weather forecasts.
  • Juicenet
    The JuiceNet integration has been removed. The juicenet platform pulled data from a JuiceNet charging station equipped with a Wi-Fi connection. It also exposed a switch allowing you to charge your car now instead of waiting for the pre-set schedule.

    Enel X has migrated from JuiceNet to JuicePass rendering the JuiceNet integration useless.

Links Discussed

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