Generating images with AI, a new event entity type and more translations hit Home Assistant


New Features

  • All services are now translatable
    For those that don’t speak English, service calls can now be translated into local languages. For example light.turn_on etc can be translatedNot all services are translated yet. If you want to help out, you don’t need to be a developer.
  • New event entity
    There is now a new type of entity for events. Events are things that happen around Home Assistant. For example when Home Assistant starts, an event is pushed so that you can trigger automations when that event happens.The new event entity aims to be used by integrations which may expose events. For example a button press is an event. Now you can trigger when this event occurs, and see when it last occurred.The event entity can be used like any other entity in Home Assistant: They will show up in the UI, can be used directly in the automations editor and provides historical information in the logbook.

    Initial support is available for  MatterHomeKit DevicesMQTT, and Philips Hue.

  • Abilility to add items to a shopping list with Assist
    You can now ask Assist to add things to a Home Assistant shopping list.
  • Generate an image with OpenAI’s DALL-E
    With Home Assistant now being able to return with data, this release allows Home Assistant to generate AI images.You need the OpenAI conversation agent integration set up on your instance, and you will get a new service: [openai_conversation.generate_image]. Call this service describing the image you’d like the AI to generate, and it will respond with an image URL you can use in your automations.
  • Condition Selector for Blueprints
    This selector takes and shows the condition part of the automation editor, and allows Blueprints creators to use a user-provided condition in their blueprint.

New Integrations

  • Electric Kiwi
    Integrate with the independent power and broadband company Electric Kiwi from New Zealand.
  • Duotecno
    Integrate with Duotecno nodes. Duotecno is a smart home brand for Belgium with some great looking tech.The integration with Home Assistant currently only supports switches.

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