2023.6 lands with a brand new integration page layout, and for OS users network storage support. Meanwhile Rohan and Phil discuss their vacuum cleaners and gadgets

New Features

  • Network Storage
    If you have a NAS, you can now mount it and use it in Home Assistant.For example if you have media hosted on a Synology NAS, it can be mounted inside Home Assistant and shared.A great use case for offsite backups.

    Available for Home Assistant OS (Yellow, Blue etc). If you’re using the container, you can roll your own external mounts.

  • Colour dialog now supports ability to set favourite colours
    With drag-and-drop support for the arrangement of them
  • Integration Page
    Has had some cosmetic changes, with new badges to show which integrations are cloud/HACS.
    Some things have moved around to make the UI cleaner, and in most cases reduce the number of clicks you need to do to find something.
  • Automation UI
    Ability to copy-and-paste conditions, triggers and actions from one automation to another.
    You no longer need to change into YAML mode to then paste it in somewhere else. Can be used to copy whole blocks of choose/if actions etc.
  • Related Information
    Blueprints can now show automations that were created from a Blueprint.
    The related information dialog also has icons and look much nicer!
  • Last time an entity was changed now in the entity dialog
    Back by popular request. You can also click the relative time (ie 10 minutes ago) to display the time it changed.
  • Python 3.11 now being used
    5-30% speed increase should be experienced.
  • ZwaveJS is now a platinum level integration
    NabuCasa (who supports ZwaveJS) has a goal to get ZwaveJS Zwave certified.
    This release brings some changes to some edge cases, to bring ZwaveJS more compliant towards the spec. – There is now support for Window Covering CC which improves support for blind tilt devices (fixes iBlinds v3) – Better support for z-wave devices related to energy generation
  • New Entities
    Date, time and date_time. No integrations using these yet. Some example use cases would be an integration allowing an alarm to be set from the UI, or regular schedules.
  • Services UI
    The options that are shown in the services UI will now only show options which are supported by the device.
    Example when selecting a light, if it doesn’t support colour changes then those options won’t be displayed in the UI.
  • Roborock
    More entities added.
  • KNX
    Now has its own configuration panel
  • Samsung TV
    Now has a remote entity, allowing you to send remote key presses directly to your TV!
  • AccuWeather
    The AccuWeather integration now provides sensors for the weather condition and solar irradiance values

New Integrations

  • Google Generative AI Like ChatGPT. Can’t control your house.
  • YouTube For following a channel. Number of subscribers etc
  • JVC Projectors Detect if the projector is on
  • Electra Smart Control your Electra Air air conditioner from Home Assistant


Breaking Changes

  • Python version
    Home Assistant will no longer support two versions of Python, meaning with the support release of Python 3.11, 3.10 is now deprecated.Only 3.67% of users use the older versions of Python – Also worth a mention about the pip package manager. Some integrations (including IBM Watson TTS) have been removed because of upstream package conflicts.
  • Persistent Notifications no longer create an entity

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Home Assistant Cloud by Nabu Casa

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