Rohan and Phil are joined by Peter to talk about Google Nest and Philips Hue making changes which affect smart home users.

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Google to remove Works with Nest program == bye bye Home Assistant

  • Google I/O was held on May 7th
  • Google announced that the works with Nest program will be discontinued
  • Nest accounts will be migrated over to Google Accounts
  • Third party integrations including IFTTT and Home Assistant will no longer work with the new Google Assistant integration
  • Third party apps that want to access Nest products will be heavily vetted by Google
  • You will no longer be able to access the data about your own home
  • Google has said the data collected by Nest will never be used for advertising. This was corrected by the public relations team which quickly said “we can never say never”.

Philips Hue removing cloud support for v1 bridges

  • On April 29th Philips Hue quietly announced that users using the original Philips Hue hub will lose access to some features
  • From April 29th 2019, only security updates will be provided for the v1 bridge. No new features will be added to the v1 bridge.
  • After April 30th 2020, v1 bridges will no longer have access to cloud services. This will impact things including voice control of Philips Hue lights with the Amazon echo and Google Home.
  • The v1 hub was first released over 5 years ago

Home Assistant Updates

Paulus now employee of Nabu Casa

Paulus has moved away from Ubiquiti, and is now employee number 2 at Nabu Casa. This gives Paulus and Pascal complete independence and autonomy to work full time on Home Assistant.  

Version 1 is coming

In a recent blog post by Paulus, Home Assistant is working towards a version 1 to be released by the end of 2019!  

New Release Cycle

This week the Podcast is releasing the same day as 0.93 is landing. The developers are now moving to a three week release cycle.  

Lovelace Floorplan Card now available

Petar from episode 3 has released a new Floorplan Lovelace card for Home Assistant. Check it out!  


New Features


Breaking Changes

  • Pollen sensor is being renamed Aaron Bach is expanding the pollen sensor, which may in the future provide more providers. As such the pollen sensor is being renamed to the companies name iqvia.
  • NMAP sensor will now add leading zeros for non-linux systems If you’re using Home Assistant on other systems, like Mac or Windows, the NMAP sensor will now add leading zeros to some parts of the MAC address, which will ensure there is consistency if sharing your configuration between the two types of systems.This will really only affect users on Mac, where entity_ids generated from NMAP may change.
  • Sonos specific services are being moved to the Sonos component If you’re a SONOS user, there are specific services like media_player.sonos_set_sleep_timer. These are now being moved to the SONOS platform, so will need to be called like sonos.set_sleep_timer.Additionally services now require an entity ID. If you want to target all players, you should specify all as the entity ID.

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