Rohan and Phil are joined by Pascal to re-discuss 0.92, and everything about

Home Assistant Email Sensor

One cool thing that has come out on Reddit recently was the Home Assistant Email sensor, posted by u/audiodev. This sensor was inspired by another Reddit discussion about automatically scraping Amazon emails for tracking numbers, and having Home Assistant add those to be tracked. u/jm0neyz on Reddit posted an example using the Command Line sensor to scrape an email from Amazon, and then display a custom Lovelace card displaying what packages are expected.  

Ian Richardson has some cool custom Lovelace cards

If you’re running out of ideas to put on your Lovelace UI, Ian has released some great custom lovelace cards.  


Breaking Changes

  • Google Translate has been renamed
  • Google Assistant now requires a PIN before controlling doors and locks The allow_unlock option has been removed for both Cloud and manual Google Assistant installations. This was a requested change by Google.
  • Logi Circle integration has changed its API If you’re using the Logi Circle integration, you’ll need to now authenticate with the new API which Home Assistant is using.Previously Home Assistant was using a private API. With 0.92, this is now using a more stable and official Public API.Along with this update, some services from Logi Circle have been removed from the camera component, and now must be called from the Logi Circle component instead.
  • Media Player component is now more strict With 0.92, calls to media player services (like turn_on, turn_off etc) will be checked if the media player supports those features. For example, calling media_player.turn_off on a Sonos speaker shouldn’t work, as Sonos speakers can never be turned off.This may result in some breaking media player implementations. So if you’re using any media_player services, be sure to test them after the upgrade.

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