Rohan and Phil are joined by Jason, contributor of TensorFlow and the new camera streaming capabilities.

Community Shoutouts

In the last few weeks there’s been some awesome community projects, which are worth a mention here.
  • VS Code Extension for Home Assistant A VS code extension has been created for Home Assistant, allowing users of VS code to have entity_ids, and some other things automatically filled when editing YAML files.
  • Web VS Code Extension for HASS IO Franck has created a new addon for HASS IO which installs the web version of VS Code. When you install the HASS IO addon, it will also pre-install the VS Code Extension for Home Assistant, and automatically configure it to connect to your local HASS IO instance.Currently available for NUC devices.
  • New Tip Jar is being added to the iOS App If you’re a user of the Home Assistant iOS app and want to help support Robbe’s awesome work, there is a new Patreon, and coming in future versions will be an option to tip directly from the iOS app using your Apple payment details.The iOS app is remaining free as always, and tipping just goes to help Robbie who spends an insane amount of his own time working on the app.


New Features


Other Noteworthy Updates

  • The Great Migration is now complete Over the past few releases, components have been updated to a new file structure. With 0.91, all components have now been migrated to this new file structure. If you’re using custom components, best to check the release notes on how to rename your components so they won’t break in the next release of Home Assistant.
  • There is a new AWS component Various Amazon Web Service components are being merged into a new AWS component. This will cover things like the AWS notify platform, which will be superseded by this new component in future releases.
  • Netgear LTE Routers can now accept incoming SMS SMS messages received by the router will now fire an event in Home Assistant. There is also a new service, allowing Home Assistant to delete SMS messages stored in the inbox of the modem.

Breaking Changes

  • Netgear LTE has been moved to its own component You’ll need to adjust your config files if you’re using this for device tracking etc.
  • Darksky now has support for hourly forecasts Because of this, if you’re using daily forecasts, those entity_ids will now be changed to have a lowercase d on the end, to denote they are a daily forcast sensor.
  • Z-wave USB Paths If you’ve set a Z-wave USB path in your config, there’s some new things to watch out for in this release. If you have a USB path set in your configuration.yaml file, it will now be treated as the main USB path, and will override any value you set in the configuration interface.
  • iOS Component has new Charging status Previously the iOS component would mark a phone that isn’t charging as “Unplugged”. This doesn’t make sense for phones that have wireless charging capability. From this release, when an iOS device isn’t charging, Home Assistant will report its state as “Not Charging”
  • Yeelights are now their own platform There’s more Yeelight sensors and services coming out, which may support additional features which don’t make sense to add to the standard Home Assistant light component. Yeelights now need to be configured as their own platform.
  • The GTFS sensor is now a datetime object Previously GTFS sensors would report the number of minutes to the next departure. However if the next period is longer than a few hours, it becomes hard to read. Now a datetime object will be returned, which will allow the front-end and other services to decide how best to display the information to the person.
  • Axis Communication Devices moving to config flow If you’re using any security devices from Axis Communications, these are being moved away from configuration YAML files and instead should be configured from the Integrations panel of Home Assistant. There’s a few other notes that come along with these changes, so be sure to check the breaking changes about those.

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