Paulus joins Rohan and Phil to discuss the 0.90 release, which includes remote access support for Nabu Casa users.


New Features

  • Camera Stream Component Huge feature in this release is the ability to stream cameras to the Home Assistant front-end, as well as other devices.Jason Hunter, who has done an amazing job will be joining us in the next episode to help us break down this feature.

Other Noteworthy Updates

Breaking Changes

  • Http.api_password has been deprecated If you manually configure auth providers and want to use legacy_api_password auth provider, you need to configure the API password there instead of under the http section in your config. If you just put it under http, know that it deprecated and you will need to move to the auth provider if you still want to use api_password as authentication in the future.Jason Hu (Awarecan) noticed that most people still using API password was because of the manual skill. He updated the documentation to show how you can actually use the Home Assistant auth to authenticate.
  • Support for multiple Netatmo thermostats and valves Configuration for the Netatmo platform has been changed to support multiple devices, and multiple homes as well. If you’re using this component, you’ll need to update your config.
  • Netatmo climate operation_mode instead of boiler status current_operation will no longer return the the boiler status, but the operation_mode, making this component more standard with Home Assistant climate platforms.
  • Nanoleaf_aurora has been renamed to nanoleaf You’ll need to update your config to use the correct platform name
  • Firetv has been renamed to androidtv The firetv integration has been renamed to androidtv. Users will need to change – platform: firetv to – platform: androidtv in their configuration.This is necessary to avoid having near-duplicate integrations for androidtv and firetv. It makes more sense to call the combined integration androidtv, hence the renaming.

Home Assistant Remote Access

  • From Home Assistant 0.90, Home Assistant Cloud subscribers will have the ability to remotely access their local Home Assistant installation via a Nabu Casa URL.
  • Using Home Assistant cloud remote access, connections to your local Home Assistant installation are secured using SSL out-of-the-box. No more fiddling with Let’s Encrypt and opening special ports.

User Permissions

  • Starting with Home Assistant 0.90, their is basic user interface restrictions based on user permissions.

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