Rohan and Phil are joined by Courtenay to discuss 0.89, International Womens Day 2019 and Courtenay's Home Assistant setup.


New Features

  • Nissan Leaf Platform Home Assistant now has a platform for the Nissan Leaf. With this new platform, you’re able to see the battery status, turn on and off the climate control, and start the car charging from within Home Assistant. On newer models of the Nissan Leaf, a device_tracker will be added to Home Assistant
  • Minut Point Integration Adds the ability to see Alarm Control Panels, binary sensors and sensors connected to a Point Hub.
  • Time of The Day Binary Sensor A new sensor which allows you to specify a time of the day, according to time and sun conditions. For example, you may choose to have “evening” defined 10 minutes before sunset, which depending on the time of year could be earlier or later. Can also use time, so an “early morning” time could be between 6am and 9am.
  • Owlet baby monitor component Owlet Care baby monitors check your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate while sleeping.Configuring this component will enable tracking of heart rate, oxygen level, motion and base station connection status.
  • SmartThings gets cover and scene platforms For those using the new SmartThings components.
  • Reddit Sensor A new sensor which will display the current top topic from a subreddit. This could allow you to display a sensor on the front-end of Home Assistant, which has the latest top post from the r/homeassistant subreddit.
  • Météo-France now available as a weather component Can be used for weather cards etc in Lovelace now
  • New mobile app component coming to Home AssistantThis isn’t a new feature that will be used by anyone except mobile app developers. Starting from 0.89, if you have the new Default Configuration component enabled, which came in last release, Home Assistant will ship with a new “Mobile App” component loaded in your Home Assistant.By itself this new component won’t do anything. However this new component will be used by developers of mobile applications, which will allow easier deep integration between Home Assistant and mobile apps which need to talk to Home Assistant.For example, a developer who is making a Home Assistant android application will be able to have their mobile app talk with Home Assistant, via encryption and webhooks. There’s also tools available for the mobile app to set things up such as device tracking for people, and of course using the new authentication system for Home Assistant.

Breaking Changes

  • SmartThings Reconfiguration Required Existing SmartThings integrations will be removed, including the SmartApp/Automation from the SmartThings app. Home Assistant will prompt you to configure the integration again or it can be invoked from the integrations page. The configuration process is the same as before. To prepare, have your personal access token and a mobile device with the SmartThings Classic App handy. This will not affect the naming of devices or entities and is a one-time inconvenience.
  • Prevent partial custom component overlays Custom platforms that override a built-in platform that has a component, should now also include the component in the custom_components/ folder. So if you want to override hue/ with a custom version, you will also need to provide/copy over hue/
  • Automatic discovery of TP-Link bulbs, switches, and dimmers TP-Link lights and switches can now be auto discovered on your network. However you may need to update your configuration if you’re previously using these with Home Assistant.
  • Google travel time update service has been removed Continuing on with standardizing components which create their own services, the Google travel time update service has been removed.From this release, if you wish to manually update the Google travel time sensor, you must use homeassistant.update with the entity_id of the sensor you want to be updated.
  • FireTV users should now use ADB The FireTV component has been updated to use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB). This is a Hass IO addon and Python library, which runs a small server which can send commands to Android TV devices, such as the FireTV.The debug bridge should be used now to see which app is currently running on the FireTV.
  • Toon Component has been re-written Now requires a Toon API developer account and can be configured using via the Home Assistant integrations. Support for Switches & Smoke detectors has been removed.First major contribution to the core Home Assistant codebase by Franck, who is famous for all of his HassIO addons.

Other Noteworthy Updates

Home Assistant Android App – Ariela

You can download Ariela from Google Play here:

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Home Assistant Cloud by Nabu Casa

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