Rohan and Phil are joined by Max to talk about Logitech, the new People entities in 0.88 and the new hass-cli tool

Logitech has re-enabled their local API

New firmware version 4.15.250 will allow you to enable the local API from your Logitech Harmony mobile app.  


New Features

  • Person Component Home Assistant now has the concept of “people”. In this initial release, you can combine multiple device trackers to a “person”. For example, a person may have the Wifi connection status, and the GPS location of your phone as device trackers. In Home Assistant you can now assign both of those states to a Person, with the last sensor to update will update the state of that person.
  • Command Line Authorisation Provider There is a new command line authorisation provider, which validates credentials by calling a command.This should open up other services and apps to become authorisation providers for Home Assistant easily.
  • Huawei LTE router SMS Notification Platform If you use a Huawei LTE router, you can now send SMS notifications from Home Assistant using it.
  • Github Sensor Allows you to see various data of GitHub repositories in your Home Assistant, including latest release versions, the last commit, open issues etc.
  • New Default Configuration Component For new installations of Home Assistant, a default config component will be loaded. This will allow Home Assistant to push out new features which are auto enabled by default, or change default options in the future.An example of this is with the new system health component. In order for your installation of Home Assistant to have the new system_health component activated, all Home Assistant users must add the the applicable system_health component to their installation of Home Assistant manually. Moving forward, with installations that have this new default_config component loaded, Home Assistant can automatically enable new features and functionality, like the system_health component apon upgrade, whilst still allowing users to disable or override the default settings when required.
  • Google Pubsub component Directly posts event changes from Home Assistant to Google Pub/Sub. This allows many streaming applications, from cloud dashboarding to cloud data science from the Google Pub/sub service.
  • SmartThings gets climate and lock support
  Breaking Changes  
  • Platform configuration will no longer allow to contain keys that are not supported As of this release, any invalid configuration options present in your config will cause warnings and errors to be thrown by Home Assistant.Previously, if you misspelled or had a typo in a setting, instead of raising an error, Home Assistant may have just ignored and continued on without you knowing something was wrong. Now, if your platform config has an old or incorrect key specified, Home Assistant will let you know. This is a good time to clean up your config!
  • Zigbee (ZHA) component updates Some updates to the ZHA component for those managing Zigbee directly through Home Assistant and a Zigbee USB.Batteries will now be an attribute against the device entity. The status of devices has changed from online/offline to the usual Home Assistant online/unavailable.
  • Google Home has been moved to its own component With so many different features now available for the Google Home, it has been moved to its own component. You’ll need to update your config if you’re using Google Home.As part of the update, Google Home will now expose device trackers, and also sensors for alarms and timers.
  • Speedtest and Fastdotcom moved to their own components Sensors which expose their own services, such as the ability to manually trigger a speed test are being transitioned to their own platforms. Speedtest and fastdotcom are in this release, so if you use those sensors, you’ll need to update your config.
  • Important changes if you’re using custom components Home Assistant is moving to a new file structure, which may impact custom components which override a built-in Home Assistant platform.As an example, if you’ve developed a custom component which overrides the built-in Philips Hue component, you’ll need to rename your custom component from light/ to hue/

Other Noteworthy Updates

FireTV devices linked to Home Assistant can now see which App is running    

hass-cli with Max

Check out the latest release notes from Max on the Home Assistant blog here:

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