2021.1, ESPHome for Flower Sensors, Tracking Deliveries with DeepStack

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2021.1, ESPHome for Flower Sensors, Tracking Deliveries with DeepStack

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New Features/Updates

  • MQTT Discovery – Got updated w/ Device Tracker (didn’t have that before). Came from hacktoberfest (per tag)
  • Homekit – More of a bugfix, but you can now set target temp range rather than a specific temperature for a climate device
  • Somfy now has Climate controls and battery sensors


Breaking Changes

  • Glances – Entities were all suffixed by _temp. Now they are suffixed by _temperature, _fan_speed and _charge
  • Neato – Drop support of username/password authentication and introduce OAuth2 authentication instead
  • BMW Connected Drive can now be added via the UI (instead of YAML)
  • Météo-France – the unit of measurement of the UV sensor was missing and has been added – might break some automations
  • Avri – Component removed / no longer supported – they seemed to have changed their API.

Home Assistant Cloud by Nabu Casa

Easily connect to Google and Amazon voice assistants for a small monthly fee that also supports the Home Assistant project. Configuration is via the User Interface so no fiddling with router settings, dynamic DNS or YAML.


The Hosts

Phil Hawthorne

Phil is a Melbourne based web developer who lives and breathes technology. When he's not at his day job, he’s in his home office attempting to simplify his life through complicated tech.

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Rohan Karamandi

Rohan from Toronto, Canada works in the Technology sector as an architect designing network and datacenter solutions for his customers. His passion for technology stems from there and extends to IoT and home automation

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