Rohan and Phil are joined by Vinçon to talk about Hacktoberfest 2020, 0.116 and how Vinçon uses Home Assistant to track his cars.


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New Features

  • User and Person Management are now the same To make things a bit easier to understand, “persons” in Home Assistant and “users” have been merged. To add another user to Home Assistant, you’ll now need to create a new Person. From there, you can then grant that Person to login to Home Assistant, which will give them a user role in Home Assistant. Previously you had to setup a person and user separately, and then link the person to the user entity.
  • [Correction: This isn’t in 0.116 anymore as it got removed from this release] Chromecast Media Player Home Assistant can now cast media to Chromecast devices. Helpful for the new media browser component that came in 0.115.  As a bonus, if you were streaming your Lovelace dashboard via Chromecast, once your media stream has finished the Chromecast will return back to where it was.
  • Uploading Snapshots for now supported Want to migrate your install to a new system? You can now take a snapshot of your old Home Assistant install, and upload it directly to your new install. No more having to enable Samba add ons or anything clunky like that.
  • MQTT Tag Scanner Home Assistant can now listen to tag scan events over MQTT. This can allow you to use other devices around your home (like old Android phones) and have tag scan events pushed into Home Assistant. Bonus works with Home Assistant MQTT discovery.
  • Logbook now allows selecting multiple entities Now you can view log events for multiple devices from the logbook view
  • Zodiac Integration If you’re into Astrology and can never remember what the current Zodiac sign is (which is such a Gemini thing to do!) Home Assistant can now tell you.

Breaking Changes

  • Synology Integration has now moved to Synology DSM Integration Previously there were some missing features, but the Synology DSM Integration has been updated in this release, so there’s no reason to have two integrations doing the same thing.
  • AlarmDecoder moves to UI setup You’ll need to remove your YAML config and setup this integration through the interface

Chat with Vinçon

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Phil Hawthorne

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Rohan Karamandi

Rohan from Toronto, Canada works in the Technology sector as an architect designing network and datacenter solutions for his customers. His passion for technology stems from there and extends to IoT and home automation

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Vinçon Estourgie

I'm a 27 year old hobbyist that spends most off his free time on tech, photography and cars. I prefer to combine all three were possible! I live together with my girlfriend who likes HA when it works (like all significant others I think). Not really that active on socials.



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