One of the biggest Home Assistant releases means we've got one of our longest episodes. Paulus joins us to celebrate the 7th birthday of Home Assistant and to break down 0.115.


00:01:03: Home Assistant Birthday 00:03:15: Cloud Strikes Again 00:11:47: What the Heck 00:16:29: 0.115 01:18:27: Questions to/From Paulus

Cloud Strikes Again: IFTTT Pro

IFTTT or “If This Then That” has launched a new “pro” subscription model. Under the pro model, users can create applets with multiple “if this” logic, which has been a huge feature request. However moving forward, IFTTT free tier will be restricted to only three “applets”. If you want to create more than three applets, you will need an IFTTT Pro monthly subscription.  


New Features

  • Media Browser / Media Source Different media players, like Sonos and Spotify can have their own media players within Home Assistant. You can even add local media
  • Tags Read and Write NFC tags on Android and iOS devices.  
  • Variables in Scripts and Automations
  • Wait For Trigger Pauses an execution until a trigger has been fired. Some uses could be for a multi-stage automation. Ex: Something happens and you need to trigger an alarm. Maybe we want to get an input first and hold off until a user presses sound the alarm on the actionable notification
  • Triggers and Conditions on Entity Attributes Much easier to use device attributes to trigger events or use conditions. Previously you may have had to expose these attributes using template sensors so they could be added against your automations. No longer the case.
  • Improved template tracking
  • Templates now accepted in data, service & event_data No more need to use data_template or service_templates
  • Logbook Panel gets more information You can now see what automation or script caused the change of state and also what action was used to do it.
  • New Calendar Card for Home Assistant The team briefly mentioned this when they came up with the calendar panel. Similar thing, but in card format in Lovelace.
  • Re-arrange the sidebar icons by drag-and-drop! Press and hold the sidebar, then move things around or remove them based on what you like!
  • Upload avatar pictures for users Use the GUI to upload profile pics!
  • More YAML Reloading Too many to list out, but it is now possible to re-load more integrations and YAML entries without needing to restart Home Assistant. You can also reload an integration that is setup with the UI.
  • Shelly Start bringing in the popular Shelly devices directly into Home Assistant
  • Flo by Moen Smart Water shut off valve.
  • Native Mac app (Windows alternative exists, IoT Link)


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