Rohan and Phil discuss the new features in 0.109, and Mat shares how he used Home Assistant to monitor industrial machines.


New Features

  • New Integration Configuration Page Using the new icons! Now shows cards for every configured integration, and links to a filtered device and entities pages
  • New Weather Card
  • New Logs adding for integrations causing stability issues There are some times when an integration may cause stability issues with Home Assistant, and lock up Home Assistant for a period of time. There are now new logs being added, that if Home Assistant detects this will add a log to your HA log file to be reported to the Home Assistant devs. 
  • Scenes now support transitions (again) When calling scene.apply or scene.turn_on you can now specify a transition. This will be passed through to the lights in the scenes, allowing your lights to smoothly transition between scenes. 
  • Discord Integration now supports direct messaging If you use the Discord Messenger integration, you can now direct message users from Home Assistant instead of posting in a servers channel.
  • AsusWRT now has a number of connected devices sensor You can now have Home Assistant know how many devices are connected to your network.

Breaking Changes

  • Many integrations can now be setup through the UI A few integrations have now been activated to be setup from the UI. A lot of the components that this is affecting also comes with breaking changes, either supporting new sensors or other changes. If you’re using one of the integrations listed, be sure to check the notes before you upgrade. 
    • Flu Near You
    • Synology DSM
    • National Weather Service
    • Roomba
    • Panasonic Viera TV 
  • SmartThings You can no longer use the SmartThings Classic mobile application to install the Home Assistant SmartApp. Going forward, the SmartThings integration setup is completed entirely through the web.  
  • Recorder Component Purge_interval has been deprecated. Moving forward, Home Assistant will purge your database nightly at 4:12am. If you want to manually control when the database is purged, you can call the recorder.purge service via an automation.

Discussion with Mat

Mat’s Lovelace Dashboard

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