Rohan and Phil are joined by James from Manchester UK to discuss the 0.106 release and James interesting uses of Home Assistant.

Android App gets closer to iOS

The team are smashing through the Android app development, bringing the Android app much closer to the official Home Assistant app for iOS. As part of the latest updates there are now
  • Actionable notifications
  • Battery sensors exposed to Home Assistant


New Features

  • Safe Mode Improvements Introduced in 0.105, safe mode is a way for Home Assistant to start up even with an invalid configuration in place. Allowing you to debug your Home Assistant install easily.As of 0.106, Safe Mode will use a red colour scheme so you know for sure you’re in safe mode. Great for those that remember the old Windows 95 days of booting into safe mode.
  • Person More Info Dialog Clicking a person entity will now bring up more information in the more info dialog, including a map of where the person is!
  • Automations created via the interface now default to Device Automations Device automations allow you to create automations using more natural language than service calls.Makes it much easier for users to understand what the automations they are creating will actually do.
  • Scripts and Scenes can now set custom icons No more using customize.yaml to do this!
  • Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) Another integration for the GeoRSS platform. Unlike other providers, this provider has information for major droughts, earthquakes, floods, tropical cyclones, tsunamis and volcanic activities worldwide.
  • Minecraft Server Fans of the game Minecraft who are running a local server can now integrate it with Home Assistant. Exposes number of online players, latency time and connection status as sensors.
  • Tado Water Heaters Tado water heaters are finally supported in Home Assistant!

Breaking Changes

Lots of breaking changes this release, so be sure to check the release notes before you upgrade      

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I am a big IoT and Automation geek that loves to tinker and when I'm not head deep in Home Assistant I love to cook and shoot landscape and wildlife photos. I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter and work as an Office 365 Consultant at Microsoft.




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