Join Rohan and Phil as they unpack Home Assistant's 2023.11 release. They discuss new features like Matter 1.2 support, to-do lists, and other significant updates, along with fresh integrations.

New Features

  • Matter 1.2
    Although you can not yet benefit of any of the new device types until actual devices are released, Matter now supports version 1.2

    Vacuum, fridges, dishwashers, etc are in the new spec
  • Todo Lists!
    Another new device class lands for 2023 – the todo list.

    A todo entity represents a lists of tasks, and the state of the entity will be the amount of tasks that are still open.

    New services you can use to manage your tasks. For example, you could automate the creation of tasks based on things happening in your house, or even create tasks from your automations!

    There’s a link to to-dos in the sidebar.

    With this release, shopping lists now become todo lists, and integrations with Todoist and Google Tasks.
  • Custom States for tile cards
    You can now customise the information displayed on tile cards. Want to show the state and when it was last updated? Now you can.
  • New conditions for the conditional card
    Paul Bottein has been hard at work and introduced some new conditional rules to the conditional card.

    You can now show/hide cards based on who is logged in, the numeric state of an entity, or even if the dashboard is being displayed on a phone, tablet or desktop screen!
  • Home Assistant Safe Mode
    You can now restart Home Assistant in safe mode. This will disable all custom integrations and custom dashboard resources.

    This is useful if you are experiencing issues with Home Assistant and want to rule out custom integrations or custom dashboard resources as the cause.
  • Improv devices
    If you bought a device that supports Improv Wi-Fi over Bluetooth, and you are using Bluetooth in Home Assistant, you can now set up your device directly from Home Assistant itself!

    Also supported by ESPHome
  • Script Fields
    When you create scripts, you can define fields that can be passed to those scripts to take action on. Now those fields can be shown in the UI when calling the scripts.
  • Homekit
    Homekit now picks up changes, etc; before you needed to restart HomeKit etc; you don’t need to do that now

New Integrations

  • Google Tasks
  • Tami4 Edge / Edge+
    Integrate your Tami water bar, boil water and get filter sensors

Links Discussed

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Rohan Karamandi

Rohan from Toronto, Canada works in the Technology sector as an architect designing network and datacenter solutions for his customers. His passion for technology stems from there and extends to IoT and home automation

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