2023.3 lands with an easier restart button and an overhaul to the entity dialogs. Rohan and Phil discuss flashing robot vacuum cleaners.

Android Auto

Was in a blog post on Jan 20: https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2023/01/20/android-auto/

New Features

  • Restarting Home Assistant
    Remember Windows XP? There’s a new shutdown/reboot dialog to make it easier to understand how to restart/reload Home Assistant.Remember all those reload YAML buttons? Now there’s a quick reload button that will reload all the components of Home Assistant that can be reloaded without restarting Home Assistant.The individual buttons to reload only automations or scripts are still available in Dev Tools.
  • More Assist updates
    Can now ask for the current state of devices
    Are all windows closed? How many doors are open?
    English and Dutch intents are covered, but we need other language support too!
  • Cleaner Entity information dialogs
    Tabs in the more information dialogs are gone! You can see an icon in the top to get to related entitles or device info screen.
  • Python 3.11 Support
    Not currently available for Home Assistant OS or Containers
  • The Reolink integration
    now provides entities to update the firmware of your camera, control zoom, and control auto-focus.
  • The OpenAI Conversation
    integration now has options to customize it to your liking. You can now use templates in the forparameter of state conditions


New Integrations

  • Dormakaba dKey
    Connect and control your Dormakaba dKey Bluetooth Low Energy locks
  • easyEnergy
    Retrieves dynamic (hourly) energy & gas prices from the Dutch utility company easyEnergy.

Breaking Changes

  • MQTT
    The behavior for receiving values on sensors that expect numeric* values has changed.
    • From now on a 'None' value or a value rendered to 'None' will set such a sensor to an unknown state.
    • Empty values on such sensors ('') are ignored and will not affect the state of the sensor.
  • Profiler
    The profiler.memoryservice is not available when using Python 3.11, due to an incompatibility with a needed dependency for this service. It will return if and when the used guppy3package becomes available with Python 3.11 compatibility.
  • ZwaveJS Bump



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