Rohan and Phil bring in 2023 with a breakdown of the new features in Home Assistant this month, and discuss some of their goals for 2023
  • The Year of the voice is here
    There is a new Intents repository launching We need more contributions from the community, from all languages.
  • Voice Assistant Aliases
    Limited to Google Assistant. Does not conflict with YAML already set.
  • A bunch of new device classes for sensors!
    We now have support for data size, data rate, irradiance, sound pressure, and atmospheric pressure.
  • Configuration errors of automations and scripts with devices
    Automations have been significantly improved, providing you with much more details to help you fix the problem.
  • Added a text entity to the UniFi Protect
    You can now set the message displayed on your doorbell. Awesome!
  • Yale Access Bluetooth
    Now has support for battery status
  • Calendar Updates
    2022.12 release introduced the ability to create events on the new local calendar. These have been migrated to the Google Calendar integration, which means you can now create events in your Google Calendar from Home Assistant.There is also support for varaitons of recurring events, for example on the 1st Wednesday or last Tuesday of the month.Oh and you can edit existing events from the local calendar too!
  • Switchbot Updates
    The Switchbot Integration added support for power monitor of wall plugs and initial humidifier support!
  • Reolink
    has worked hard converting community plugins to start creating a built-in Reolink integration in Home Assistant.You can link your compatible Reolink camera or NVR with Home Assistant. Has been tested with a handful of devices including the Reolink Doorbell POE and Doorbell Wifi. Battery cameras are not currently supported.
  • Airvisual Pro
    Leverages the new brands so you can find it under AirVisual
  • Google Assistant SDK
    Different than the Google Assistant integration. You can send commands to Google Assistant. Might be a bit tricky to set up, so not for the faint of heart.

Breaking Changes

  • Deconz
    A issue with the mapping of trigger of Styrbar (Ikea smart remote) has been discovered and fix. As a result, any automations relying on these triggers, will need to be manually adjusted/re-configured to adjust to this change.
  • Fitbit
    Units of measurements for length, mass, time, and volume have been aligned with standard Home Assistant units.
    The update frequency option has been removed. The default frequency is now 60 minutes. If you like to customize the polling: disable polling update from system options and use the update_entity service in an automation to manually update it at your own custom schedule.
  • Deutsche Bahn
    Has been removed as it relies on web scraping. Look for it in HACS if you need it.


Notes from Phil and Rohan’s 2023 Goals

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