Rohan and Phil take a look at the 2022.3 release, with some great new additions and the migration of OpenZwave to ZwaveJS.
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  • All Things Smart Home Episode 1 is out Rohan and Phil got together live on Twitch and YouTube to discuss the state of home automation. Get ready for episode 2!Episode 1: Is the smart home for the average person?
  • Zack Barett and Mike Deganto join Nabu Casa The Nabu Casa team expanded in the new year, with Zack coming on board to help out with things like the Home Assistant YouTube channel. Zack was on episode 42 back in 2019.Mike will be focusing on extending and improving the Home Assistant Supervisor and the eco system around it (like its internal plugins and add-ons).


  • Media Selector and Play Media Action If you like creating automations from the UI, you’re going to love the new play media action. It gives you a much more user friendly (and beautiful design) to select which music to play.
  • More Media Sources You can now choose cameras and even Lovelace dashboards to be played on a compatible player. For example you can use the new Play Media action to tell Home Assistant to open your Lovelace dashboard on a Google Nest device, or open your camera feed on your TV when the doorbell rings.If that’s not enough, there’s also support for DLNA media servers, and a new Radio Browser integration allowing you to choose from many local stations from around the world.
  • Ability to upload files to Home Assistant directly If you have needed to use images, sound bites or music uploaded to Home Assistant, you would have needed to use the Samba addon, or upload files to a www directory in your configuration directory.2022.3 brings initial support for local media management, allowing you to upload and remove files from within Home Assistant.
  • UI moving to Material Web Components There’s a few changes to the UI this release as Home Assistant continues moving away from their old “paper style” components to Material Web Components.You’ll start noticing this in things like input boxes and drop downs. Much more user friendly for screen readers as a bonus. As a side note, this release also brings in a new date picker when selecting a date in the front end
  • Auto-complete entity ID’s in the front-end code editor If you use the YAML editor from within Home Assistant, it can now auto-complete entity IDs for you.If you’re still creating YAML automations outside of Home Assistant, you should really be doing in VS Code with the Home Assistant addon!
  • IKEA TRÅDFRI The IKEA TRÅDFRI integration has had some major work this release, with stability issues being resolved, battery sensors now available and support for the air purifier.

New Integrations

  • Fivem FiveM allows players to play the game Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games online with other players. FiveM adds support for custom resources. The FiveM integration lets you retrieve information from a FiveM server within Home Assistant.
  • Pure Energie The Pure Energie integration integrates the Pure Energie Monitor device with Home Assistant.The Pure Energie meter is a product that allows you to read the data from your smart meter via the serial port (P1), such as your energy consumption and power flow.
  • WiZ The WiZ integration allows you to control your WiZ lights and smart sockets. The devices are set up through your Wi-Fi network and don’t need any additional bridge or gateway.
  • Z-Wave.Me Allows you to control a Z-wave network via the Z-way. These devices can run on various radios, including RaZberry

Breaking Changes

  • Last call for Z-wave and OpenZWave Integrations These integrations will be removed from 2022.4 If you want to continue using Z-wave with Home Assistant, move over to ZwaveJS.
  • ZwaveJS Minimum Version Bump There’s some version bumps required for ZwaveJS, including those who are running zwavejs2mqtt via docker.
  • service is deprecated You can move your service calls to use the new button entities.
  • Updater The Updater integration has been deprecated, all its functionality has now been replaced by other integrations. It is no longer a part of default_config , and if you have the updater  integration defined directly in your YAML configuration please remove it.
  • XBee The Xbee integration has been disabled, due to the third-party library we depend on not being compatible with Python 3.10.Home Assistant is working towards adding support for Python 3.10, and we had to disable this integration now to be able to get our development and testing environments upgraded.

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