Rohan and Phil are joined by Alex from the Self Hosted Podcast to talk 0.104 and bring in 2020

HassOS 3 released with official support for the Raspberry Pi 4

Over the break Pascal and the team launched HassOS 3 which officially supports the Raspberry Pi 4.

Ring Makes Changes to their API affecting Home Assistant Integrations

In December it was widely reported that some Ring users were having unauthorised people accessing their Ring accounts, and being able to view and interact with Ring devices. Ring is advising that they have not had a security breach, and most likely this is caused by people re-using the same username and passwords. Since the news broke, Ring has tightened security by allowing users to enable two-factor authentication on their accounts, and heavily restricting the Ring API. Unfortunately this means that the Ring integration with Home Assistant has been up-and-down over the break, and (as of our recording) is once again broken. So far Ring seem friendly to the Home Assistant community, and hopefully a permanent fix will be available soon.  

Xiaomi cameras taken off Google Home products

Xiaomi was temporarily on a ban because of security issues.  


New Features


Breaking Changes

Lots of breaking changes this release, so be sure to check the release notes before you upgrade
  • iCloud device tracker moving to its own component To track iCloud devices, you now need to update your configuration YAML to use the icloud platform instead of device tracker.
  • Old Entities are being restored on start up As of 0.104, Home Assistant is restoring all devices to an “unavailable state” so that smart devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home will receive all entities on startup. This has the side-effect that any orphan entities in your Home Assistant setup will come back when you start 0.104. They may also hijack your existing Home Assistant entities, causing your front-end to display many devices as unavailable. After upgrading you may need to spend some time cleaning out old entities that are orphans from your developer tools -> states page.

Other Noteworthy Updates

  • Input Fields now have reload services Integrations like the input_number or input_boolean domains now have “reload” services. This allows you to update your YAML config for these entities, and then use these services to reload them without restarting Home Assistant
  • Amazon Echo can now announce presence A new service has been added which can be used with presence binary sensor and camera detection integrations ie Microsoft face or OpenCV. Once enabled, if a person’s binary sensor changes state or a person is detected in the camera, the Amazon Echo will announce “Person detected at {device friendly name}”

Discussion with Alex

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