Home Assistant Podcast 56 – 0.99, Home Assistant turns 6 and mining crypto with Eric

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Home Assistant Podcast 56 – 0.99, Home Assistant turns 6 and mining crypto with Eric

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New Hire for Nabu Casa

Bram has joined the team at Nabu Casa bringing three dedicated people working on Home Assistant. Bram will be focussing on the front-end development of Home Assistant.

If you’re paying for a Nabu Casa subscription, you’re directly helping expand Home Assistant and keeping it independent from corporates that would want to monetize it. So thank you to everyone who is helping Home Assistant grow!


Andrew’s Commercial Brewery – Powered by Home Assistant

Andrew emailed in to feedback@hasspodcast.io to mention how he is using Home Assistant:


I am a partner and brewer at a brewpub here in Singapore and I thought I’d let u know about our  set up in the brewery using Hassio, esphome and nabucasa to control and automate all of our tanks and fermenters (24000L of beer) 

I have started a blog of the HA journey however it’s still a work in progress.




HASS.IO Secret Support

HASS.IO Now supports secrets for add-on options!


Device Automations

Using the automation editor, it is now possible to select a device to create automations. This will make it easier to create automations and conditions for things like Zigbee buttons, as Home Assistant will be able to expose those as device automations that can be used as triggers or conditions.


New Features


Breaking Changes


Other Noteworthy Updates

  • Webhooks now support HEAD and PUT
    If you use a service (like Trello) which validates a webhook is valid by sending a HEAD request, Home Assistant webhooks now support them!
  • Ability for template sensors to now have custom attributes from a template
    If you use template sensors to extract data from other places in Home Assistant, you can now setup attributes for those sensors using templates as well!
  • Geolocation services will now display an applicable icon on the map
    For example fire services will have a flame icon, whereas earthquake events will use the pulse icon from material design icons.


Todays Guest

Eric Vitale

The Hosts

Phil Hawthorne

Phil is a Melbourne based web developer who lives and breathes technology. When he's not at his day job, he’s in his home office attempting to simplify his life through complicated tech.

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Rohan Karamandi

Rohan from Toronto, Canada works in the Technology sector as an architect designing network and datacenter solutions for his customers. His passion for technology stems from there and extends to IoT and home automation

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