Rohan and Phil talk 0.82, and get an idea to automate a bread maker from Magnus


New Features

  • TensorFlow image_processing component The tensorflow image processing platform allows you to detect and recognize objects in a camera image using TensorFlow. The state of the entity is the number of objects detected, and recognized objects are listed in the summary attribute.  Note: In the show we mentioned this is done via the cloud, however this is performed locally on your device. Thanks hunterjm on Discord for confirming!

Breaking Changes

  • Vera Climate Platform will now report different states The Vera platform will now use standard Home Assistant climate states, instead of those states which were provided by Vera. This will improve other integrations like the Amazon Echo and Google Home reporting the incorrect state.
  • gets some more accuracy Previously, calculated historical and forecasted trends by merely looking at two data points and determining the slope – not very accurate. This PR shifts to a numpy-driven method (a moving average) that adds more data points and greatly increases the accuracy. Breaking Change: Because of the longer statistical view, trend attributes will no longer return a value of “Flat”. All automations relying on that value will need to be updated.

Other Noteworthy Updates


  • Lovelace Editing Lovelace is getting ready for release! There is a super alpha release, allowing you to change your Lovelace UI from the UI. Requires that your card has an ID specified.
  • Splitting Lovelace Config has been removed If you have split your Lovelace YAML files up, similar to how you would split up your configuration.yaml file, this has now been removed.You can still use !secret, and !include has been added. However using these you won’t be able to do much in the new frontend editor.


  • Refactor for the Amazon Echo Climate support A few fixes in this release, which should allow voice control of your climate devices via the Amazon Echo a bit easier now.

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Phil Hawthorne

Phil is a Melbourne based web developer who lives and breathes technology. When he's not at his day job, he’s in his home office attempting to simplify his life through complicated tech.

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Rohan Karamandi

Rohan from Toronto, Canada works in the Technology sector as an architect designing network and datacenter solutions for his customers. His passion for technology stems from there and extends to IoT and home automation

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