Phil and Rohan talk Hacktoberfest, break down the 0.80 release and chat to Nikiya


The annual Hacktoberfest is on. Run by DigitalOcean in partnership with Github. Developers who open 5 pull requests to open source repositories throughout the month of October could score themselves a free t-shirt. Register here:  


New Features

  • New Webhook Component Allows third-party applications to ping a Home Assistant URL, which you can then use to fire off actions/automations in Home Assistant. The IFTTT (if-this-then-that) component has an updated flow, which will give you instructions on how to integrate Home Assistant Webhooks with IFTTT.
  • GitLab Continuous Integration Sensor This sensor allows integration of the CI pipeline job status into Home Assistant, enabling similar functionality to the Travis-CI sensor. It can track 1 GitLab repository, and provide the status of the most-recent pipeline job.
  • Support for Ikea Tradfri switches
  • New HASS.IO Discovery API Allows Home Assistant to detect which HASS.IO addons you have enabled, and can then setup the necessary components in Home Assistant.This is a big deal. Now adding a component like MQTT, you no longer have to edit your Home Assistant config to connect to it. Using this new discovery API, Home Assistant will be able to get all the info it needs from the addon directly.When adding the addon, Home Assistant/HASS.IO may now prompt you Do you want to configure Home Assistant to connect to the MQTT broker provided by the add-on {addon}?
  • Add taps/faucets, shower, sprinkler, valve to HomeKit Hey Siri, make the shower warmer?

Breaking Changes

  • Philips Hue will no longer use discovery if it was setup manually If you have been using Philips Hue for a while, before the introduction of discovery, you might have hue: in your configuration file. If you still have this, then auto discovery of new lights will no longer work. To get this behaviour back, you’ll need to setup Hue via the Configuration Panel.
  • More Sensors Added to Netatmo Netatmo Public sensor can now read sensor values for temperature, pressure, humidity, rain, windstrength and guststrength. You must now specify the monitored_conditions in your configuration, to specify which conditions you want to be exposed to Home Assistant.
  • Use Home Assistant native OAuth2 flow for google assistant components Google Assistant users will need to change their google account link flow, as per the docs on the Home Assistant site. You will need to re-link your Google account, and update your configuration.yaml file to remove client_id, access_token and agent_user_id
  • Updates to the Rachio Sprinkler Component No longer requires you to specify switch and binary_sensor platforms. These platforms will be initialized automatically by the Rachio component. When upgrading, remove the switch and binary sensor entries for the Rachio platform.
  • Updates to the Blink Component Complete overhaul of the Blink component. No more notification sensors are exposed, motion can now be detected with a binary_sensor. Blink.snap_picture service has been renamed to blink.trigger_camera, and camera names now prefaced with “blink”

Other Noteworthy Updates

  • Google Maps Platform now exposes your phones battery level and charging status If you use this platform to detect your location with GPS, you now also see your devices power status. Useful automations might be sending an alert to a significant other when your battery is almost out of power, or detecting when your phone is charging overnight, and put the house into “sleep” mode.
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