Carlo joins Rohan and Phil to discuss 0.66, and the new Home Assistant release schedule
  • New Home Assistant Release Schedule
    • 1 Week beta before official release
      • 0.66 Release on March 31st
      • 0.67 Beta release on April 7th
      • 0.67 Release on April 14th
      • 0.68 Beta release on April 21st
    • Running the beta available for the following platforms
      • Docker, using the rc tag
      • HASS.IO users can enable the development channel from the system settings
      • Pypi, the Python Package Manager service will also have access to the beta, but will require users to specify they want to install the beta version.
    • Release notes are available on
    • No change to the Podcast release schedule, we’ll try release episodes on the same weekend Home Assistant releases are made available (not the weekend the betas come out).
  • 0.66
    • New Platforms
    • Breaking Changes
      • HomeKit gets support for scripts, lights and % sensors. However there are some breaking changes, including a new Homekit start service, and a new default port of 51827 to not conflict with HomeBridge.
      • Philips Hue: Hue gets an async update by replacing the library used. Existing setups should work with the new library, however if you have manually specified a Hue Bridge in your configuration file, the host key is now required to be set, and point to a valid IP address. The allow_in_emulated_hue setting has also been removed.
      • Darksky sensor had an error with the precip_intensity attribute, which has been fixed.
      • Z-wave entity IDs are now moved over to the Entity Registry. The old entity_ids will no longer be provided as an attribute of the device in Home Assistant.
      • Spotcrime sensor will now require an API key
      • System monitor will now report swap in MiB instead of GiB
    • Other Changes
      • Glances sensor can now measure running docker containers, CPU use, and memory use.
      • Sensibo devices can now be controlled via the Entity Registry
      • Downloader component can now send an event to Home Assistant to trigger things like Notifications or flashing lights when a download is complete
      • Darksky sensor can now specify the language for weather data
      • u/joshmaxd on Reddit noticed a PR from Paulus for the Google Assistant integration with Home Assistant Cloud. Expect to hear more about that in a future release. However setup should be the same as the Amazon Echo.
  • Today’s Guest – Carlo

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Phil Hawthorne

Phil is a Melbourne based web developer who lives and breathes technology. When he's not at his day job, he’s in his home office attempting to simplify his life through complicated tech.

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Rohan Karamandi

Rohan from Toronto, Canada works in the Technology sector as an architect designing network and datacenter solutions for his customers. His passion for technology stems from there and extends to IoT and home automation

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Carlo Costanzo

Carlo from Florida USA, uses various Home Assistant components including the HA-Floorplan. He regularly tweets and blogs about his use of Home Assistant.

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