Home Assistant Podcast 4 – Community update, 0.48 and interview with Carlo

Released July 15, 2017

We quickly cover off a few community items including the move to Discord and Carlo talks with Phil about his use of Floorplan

Show Notes

  • Switch to Discord from Gitter
  • opensource.com article on Home Automation mentioning Home Assistant
    • Link
    • Why can’t we have the Internet of Nice Things? By Sean Dague
    • Sean to talk at OpenWest between 12-15 July about this article
    • Great for beginners
  • Release – 0.48
    • Link
    • Snips.ai
      • Cloudless app that can replace Amazon Alexa/Google Home?
      • Has conflicts with MQTT brokers – Snips are working on it
    • New z-wave entity IDs are now on by default
  • Release – 0.49 sneak peak
    • Can send files to Slack messenger by Simao
    • One Time Password generator for Home Assistant by Pierre
  • Questions for Paulus
  • Guest – Carlo
  • Phil’s Blog